Learning management platform

What is digiLMP?

The digiLMS platform is for colleges, companies, & educational institutes that streamlines the entire learning process, from training management through online learning platforms.

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Training Management Team

Cloud-based web application to manage training, inventory, assets, vendors, announcements, events and communication.


Access class attendance, assignments, online exam, review test papers, project work and activities.


Get a mobile app for tracking all Training Institute activities, homework, online classes, online test class progress, digital library etc.

Training Institute Vendors

Get a mobile app where they receive purchase orders, Upload Invoices and Track Payments.


Track their kids performance, Interaction with class faculties, visibility to assignments, Activities, Attendance, Announcements, Fees, Events etc.

How is digiLMP different from any other Learning Management Platforms?

Learning Management Platform

  • We are a cloud-based platform. You don’t need to invest in any hardware or software to use digiLMP
  • Pay per student / Employee per month. Nominal subscription fees for using the platform
  • digiLMP is modular. Choose which ever modules that you need to go live
  • Manage multiple Training courses using one software
  • digiLMP data is stored securely on Microsoft Azure cloud platform
  • Integrations and customizations with existing system is done on need basis
  • First time data load of the Trainings, Students and company is jncluded
  • Yearly maintenance is included
  • Multilingual application supporting languages like Arabic, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai and Filipino
training management platform

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