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Application Testing

Application Testing is defined as a software testing type, conducted through scripts with the motive of finding errors in software. It deals with tests for the entire application. Amaze One believes in ‘Prevention Over Inspection. We undertake QA testing services as an integral part of every software project. Our QA professionals are experts in multiple testing services of software that helps to enhance the quality of applications while reducing costs, maximizing ROI, and saving development time. Our rigorous software testing practices are performed for multiple parameters like functionality, performance, behavioral, compatibility, scalability, etc.

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Strategic Test Planning

Test Strategy in software testing is defined as a set of guiding principles that determines the test design & regulates how the software testing process will be done. Our professionals will perform a comprehensive analysis of the requirements that come up with the best strategy.

QA Documentation

Quality assurance document control is the process used in the management, coordination, control, delivery of an item required for quality assurance purposes. Our QA professionals detect every issue in the software.

Manual QA Testing

Manual testing is the process of identifying bugs and defects in software without the help of software testing automation tools. QA manual testers execute test cases manually while considering the end user’s perspective.

Web Testing Automation

Web app testing is a software testing practice that helps ensure the quality and functionalities of the app according to the requirements. We at Amaze One lead in automation testing as we make sure by providing value according to the needs of the clients

Performance Testing

Performance testing is a non-functional testing technique performed to determine the system parameters. At Amazon One, we ensure the quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability, and resources.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile app testing is a form of A/B testing wherein various user segments are presented with different variations of an in-app experience to determine which one induces the desired action from them or has a positive impact on app key metrics.

Black Box Testing

Black box testing is a technique of software testing which examines the functionality of the software without peering into its internal structure or coding. The primary source of black-box testing is a specification of requirements that are stated by the customer.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is performed as black-box testing which is presented to confirm that the functionality of an application or system behaves as we are expecting. It is done to verify the functionality of the application.

Smoke Testing

Smoke tests are a minimum set of tests run on each build. Smoke testing shows that the product is ready for testing. This helps in determining if the build is flawed as to make any further testing a waste of time and resources.

Integration Testing

Integration test reveals the flaws when the system is operating with varying inputs and checks the behavior as a combined unit. Our dedicated testers carry out this test to determine how each module can perform in an integrated environment

Stree/Load Testing

The goal of Load Testing is to improve performance bottlenecks and to ensure stability and smooth functioning of software applications before deployment. Load testing simulates real-world scenarios on your sites, applications, and systems

White Box Testing

White box testing is an approach that allows testers to inspect and verify the inner workings of a software system—its code, infrastructure, and integrations. The primary goal of white-box testing is to focus on the flow of inputs and outputs through the software.

Regression Testing

Regression testing ensures that the code still works even when the changes are occurring. We turn QA regression testing into a habit helping you get more stable and quality releases according to the requirement.


  • Requirement Design- Interacting with stakeholders and users to collect document project requirements.
  • System Design- Designing the elements of the system like modules, architecture, components.
  • Architecture Designs: Collection of hardware and software components to establish the framework.
  • Module Design- An approach used to design products by breaking them into separate parts.
  • Acceptance Testing- Test conducted to determine the requirements of a specification are met.
  • System Testing- Performed on an integrated system to evaluate the compliance of the system.
  • Integration testing- Test Conducted to evaluate the compliance of a system with functional requirements.
  • Unit Test- A testing technique using which individual modules are tested to determine any issues.


Amaze Inc Team helped us in testing our insurance product using automation tools like Selenium. We adopted test driven development model, Amaze Team came up with the test plan, test cases, scripting for automation testing, regression testing & performance testing of our product.

Shridhar Dhaipule

Kool Nano Technologies - USA

Voila Doc is a mobile app for patients to book video call appointments with doctors, book medicines with pharmacy, book diagnostics tests etc. Amaze Inc helped us in testing our Android & iOS Mobile Apps. We were able to launch our app with great predictability.

Emmanuel Samuel

Meridional Health Care PTE LTD - Singapore

RMS ARC is insurance broker in India. RMS have built their own Claims Management Platform that is used by all their clients in India. We solicited Amaze Inc for Testing our Application. They helped us in validating the product against requirements, Black Box Testing, Smoke testing & Performance Testing of our Application.

Abhay Acharya

RMS ARC - Abu Dhabi

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