Software Solution for Real Estate Companies

What is digiCMS?

digiCMS Construction Management Software.
digiCMS is a software solution for Real Estate companies to manage the construction process along with contractor’s management.

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Build Better, Faster, and Smarter with DigiCMS Construction Software

digiCMS is a construction management software designed for real estate companies to streamline and optimize the construction process It allows developers to create contractors, assign them to projects, track progress in real-time, manage staff, communicate with contractors, clients, and digitally manage the construction process.

digiCMS the best construction and project management & real estate management system, designed to streamline and optimize all aspects of the construction and project management process.

Web App for Real Estate Company

Use the web application to create projects, create staff, create contractors, daily updates of work progress, payments and more

Mobile App for Project Reviews

Real Estate company staff can view project details, get assigned for reviewing projects at site, upload photos and videos, generate daily reports.

Web App for Contractors

Use the web application to create contractor staff, assign work, update daily progress, raise invoices, track payments and more.

Application for Top Management

View project progress, view outstanding payments and receivables, view staff productivity and generate various reports.


digiCMS: Construction Management Software Solutions

digiCMS: Construction Management Software Solutions

Software solution designed to facilitate various aspects of the real
estate industry.

Software solution designed to facilitate various aspects of the real estate industry.

  • Cloud-based solution that can be accessed anytime and anywhere
    with internet connection
  • You can digitize every transaction and activity of your office
  • Complete process automation with little or no human intervention
  • Allow your employees to work anywhere and still track every activity
  • Access company-wide data and reports anytime anywhere
  • Get all departments integrated and have seem less communication with them
  • Web application for managers to approve employee-related activities/requests
  • Mobile application that allows convenient and on-the-go completion of tasks,approvals and more
  • Mobile app available and supported in both Android and iOS platforms
  • Both web and mobile apps can be white-labeled using company’s logo and colorpalette so they look and feel like they are the company’s own applications
Software Solution for Real Estate Companies

digiCMS Modules

Real Estate Mobile App

Provides various tools and features to streamline administrative tasks, enhance patient care, and improve overall clinic efficiency.

Contractor Web App

Streamline Your Contracting Business with a Powerful Web Application.

Staff Mobile App

Designed to cater to various needs and functions within an organization.