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What is digiCRM?

digiCRM software is a cloud-based solution allowing a company and its branches to manage leads, accounts, deals, appointments, tasks, contacts, notes etc.

Trusted by over 100+ startups and business

Manage staff of your company, track productivity, manage sales team, check sales team efficiency, track payments and much more.

digiCRM Mobile App

digiCRM Web App for Companies

How is digiCRM different from any other system?

digiCRM:Cloud-Based CRM Solution

  • We are a cloud-based platform. You don’t need to invest in any hardware or software to use digiCRM
  • We will provide an app for both Android and iOS
  • digiCRM is a full-fledged CRM where you can track from lead to conversion including tracking field sales, productivity and conversions
  • Pay per month for the platform. Nominal subscription fees for using the platform
  • digiCRM is modular. Choose which ever modules that you need to go live
  • Manage multiple company branches and their staff plus the leads using one software
  • digiCRM data is stored securely on Microsoft Azure cloud platform
  • Integrations and customizations with existing system is done need basis
  • First time data load of the company is included
  • Yearly maintenance is included


digiCRM Modules

Sales Executive App


digiCRM Web Application

digiCRM Web Application